For Up and Coming Leaders in the Winnipeg Area

Thursday, August 13, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm CT 

About this Event

TEC Canada invites you to discover the power of our Emerging Leaders program, specifically tailored for the up and coming mid-management layer of your organization. This exclusive virtual event provides attendees the opportunity to learn what the Emerging Leaders program provides, including how to cultivate core leadership competencies, support career progression and connect with other like-minded professionals. TEC Canada Chair Joanne Sigurdson will guide attendees through an abridged sample of the program, including a workshop with Derek Rolstone, Stone HR Strategies on best practices on A/R/E (Attraction, Retention, Engagement) and how to use it as a strategy to increase profitability.

Why Leaders Should Attend

  • Cultivate your core leadership competencies. Training and development in 12 leadership competencies with an emphasis on four key areas: personal, interpersonal, team, and organizational leadership.
  • Career Progression. Gain the confidence and proficiency to take on a greater leadership role vs. seeking an outside opportunity.
  • Expand your network. The power of business connection thrives when like-minded professionals expand their sphere of influence

Harness the power of business connection. To register for this event, please email Joanne Sigurdson.

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