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Next Week’s Member Webinars [June 1st- 5th]
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Monday, June 1: Dave Nelsen: Data Driven Approach – Understanding Our COVID-19 World and Building a Better Business

  • Data beyond COVID-19 – Leverage the numbers to point you towards opportunity
  • Stop viewing this as ‘The Great Wait’ and start viewing every opportunity as ‘don’t wait!’
  • The three business imperatives that you must implement right now

Tuesday, June 2: Sharon Bauer & Dominic Vogel – Privacy & Security During and After COVID-19

  • Identifying security and privacy risks unique to COVID-19 and how to mitigate them
  • How to implement the 10 privacy principles to safeguard your organization
  • Operationalizing PIPEDAs – Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act – ensuring your organization is compliant in collecting, using and disseminating personal data

Wednesday, June 4: Mark Sutcliffe – The Ovarian Lottery – What Life and Business Teach us About the Impact of Luck

  • How to seize opportunity in every moment
  • Redesign your thinking to recognize the role of luck in your life
  • Challenge and envision the idea of a society where there is an equal opportunity for all to live a satisfying and fulfilled life

Thursday, June 5: Drew Dudley: The Leadership Test – Six Questions that Transform People and Organizations

  • Leave this webinar ready to implement “The Leadership Test” – a set of questions to drive engagement, productivity and happiness
  • Shift behaviour and develop habits that commit daily to: impact, courage, growth, empowerment, class and self-respect
  • Reframe leadership as a daily choice rather than an “acquisition of titles” through powerful stories from CEOs and elite athletes to cab drivers and custodians

Friday, June 6: Nolan Berning – The Post-COVID Workplace and The Way Back

  • Office preparation and planning for return to the workplace
  • Designing the post-COVID workplace & the opportunity to make the office even better
  • Sensible strategies to retrofit the workplace with what you have today, using the health guidelines available now, to keep your staff safe

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