Melanie Biron

Melanie Biron

Montreal, QC

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Are you a results-driven leader that believes communication, employee engagement, and collaboration are crucial drivers for organizational success? If so, then joining Melanie Biron’s TEC group is the perfect place to begin fulling your vision.

Over the last 25 years, Melanie has worked in a broad range of organizations. From start-ups to SMEs, she is the go-to resource for entrepreneurs seeking help creating high-performing teams. With core competencies in customer experience, operation efficiency, business development, team building, and mobilization, Melanie excels at introducing the systems that allow business leaders to embrace strategic thinking together with a macro-management approach.

In addition to her diversified professional career in leadership roles, Melanie believes in giving back to society. She was the Founder & President of Décor Adonné, a nonprofit organization that existed to help adolescents discover the benefits of sharing and intergenerational links to create better relationships and resources. Currently, Melanie is also a director of the board for Equestrian Canada.

With entrepreneurial roots and by successfully launching a few businesses of her own Melanie Biron knows firsthand what it takes to build a prosperous business from the ground up. Now assuming the role of a TEC Chair, Melanie is fully prepared to fulfill her aspiration of supporting business owners to reach new personal and professional heights. In addition to sharing her vision, passion, knowledge, and expertise with her members, Melanie’s sincerity, consciousness, and perspicacity make her the perfect resource for an entrepreneur who seeks to thrive in all facets of their life.

TEC Group Vision

We envision ourselves beyond the role of a business owner, and collectively intend to promote inspiring leadership. We are eager to generate and cultivate significant impact in our personal and professional environments – along with creating value, efficiency, and profitability for our organizations as a whole. Together, we craft businesses with deep-rooted values that produce positive effects for ourselves, our communities, and the planet.


  • Proud mother of two grown sons, Zachary, and Anthony
  • Loves to travel and discover new cultures and countries with her spouse
  • Enjoys art, nature, cooking, and sports
  • An equestrian at heart and passionate about horses from her youngest years.
  • Accredited with both an MBA and BA degree in Psychology from Concordia University, a Certificate in Organizational Development from HEC Montréal, and is nearing successful completion of ICF-certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification from Concordia University