Stan Leong

Stan Leong

Calgary, AB

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How does Stan Leong help leaders find and live their purpose, while guiding them to achieve their utmost personal and professional potential? A carefully balanced combination of inspiration, challenge, and support that work in tandem to better connect Canadian business leaders to their families, stakeholders, and communities. Throughout his diligent approach to helping the next generation of CEOs achieve more, Stan fosters a safe environment that removes feelings of isolation – providing clarity to big-picture viewpoints and the necessary tactics to achieve record growth.

Stan’s business acumen spans more than 28 years’ experience within multiple facets of the North American energy services markets, including his recent position as the President & CEO of OSP – an unparalleled provider of application, support, and product recommendations for microbial identification and control in the oil and gas industry. During his tenure, Stan oversaw the family-owned chemical business scale to a multi-national private company with offices in Alberta, Texas, and Oklahoma, and its revenues exceed the growth of 600% in just over a decade. In addition to his experience as President & CEO of a large multi-national company, Stan is well-versed in the path of entrepreneurship as the Founder & President of Agile Ant Technologies Inc – a provider of effective and economical chemical intermediates for scale and corrosion inhibitor formulations for oil and gas producers.

With a reputation as a collaborative leader with a proactive approach and ability to effectively translate complex operational concepts into tangible action plans, Stan’s track record of facilitating organized, lean teams with clear mandates has never strayed from delivering record results. As a TEC Chair and expert in cultivating collaborative change, Stan will always question why process changes are needed and how they actively support the overall strategy of the business – then provide the resources and clarity needed to accelerate the process and help his members make the best decisions possible.

As a previous TEC member himself, Stan has firsthand knowledge of TEC’s impact and couldn’t be more prepared to lead his group of successful business leaders towards harnessing the power of business connection.

TEC Group Vision

If you’re ready to seek the true nature of your challenges, hold yourself accountable to your personal and professional goals – while being responsible for your decisions, actions, and results – my group is for you. The foundation of our group is built on pragmatism (will seek simple solutions based on practical experience), supportiveness (all members will genuinely care about the well-being of the others), and diversity (feedback will be given and received from a wide range of perspectives).


  • B.Sc. CMMBI from The University of Calgary, 1991
  • An advocate for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, with a love for cycling.
  • A fan of Science Fiction – both novels and films.
  • Interested in the arts, but partial to photography.
  • Lives in Calgary with his wife, two daughters, and Shih Tzu-Chihuahua fur baby.
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