Luc Tremblay

Montreal, QC



Luc Tremblay is a seasoned professional who applies his decades of experience to assist senior executives and managers in implementing effective organizational strategies based on process coherence, innovation, and organizational transformation. With a strategic and pragmatic vision, he adeptly addresses human, political, and operational issues while leveraging formal and informal networks, operations, and organizational structures. Luc excels in optimizing mission-enabling processes, governance, and support systems, breaking down silos to foster efficient management.

With extensive experience spanning service companies, government, parapublic organizations, and research institutions, Luc brings proficiency in Lean management, process management, and project management to support his clients effectively. As a benevolent leader, he guides clients towards responsible performance that prioritizes stakeholder satisfaction, facilitating dialogue and decision-making.

For over a decade, Luc has shared his knowledge as a lecturer and coach at the University of Sherbrooke, mentoring undergraduate and graduate students in tactical and strategic problem-solving, methodological development, client relationships cultivation, and team conflict resolution.

Currently serving as a lecturer at CUFE, University of Sherbrooke, Luc has held various leadership positions in consulting services, including Senior Director for the Performance team at Createch, VP Consulting at Vortex Consulting and Edgenda, and Director of the Lean Consulting team at Fujitsu in Montreal. Prior to that, he served as a senior transformation consultant for Xerox Global Services.

As a TEC Chair, Luc’s positive energy, adaptability, attentive listening, and ability to synthesize his members needs and challenges make him a reliable partner in transformative journeys. Guided by his TEC group values of sustainability, commitment, respect, performance, quality, and courage, Luc ensures his members receive guidance that drives value for greater people, greater business, and a greater society.

TEC Group Vision

Empowering leaders to create growth, maximize their time, and foster accountability, while building adaptable organizations for a better future. We strive for healthy businesses that benefit clients, owners, stakeholders, and families, while inspiring personal growth for each of our members.


  • Luc holds the following accreditations, a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Master’s degree in Environment, PMP, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and is a Certified Business Process Professional.
  • An outdoor enthusiast with a passion for mountain hiking, river rafting, canoeing, and snowshoeing.