Jane Goldrup

TEC Small Business Chair
Edmonton, AB





With 17 years of hands-on experience, Jane Goldrup has refined her expertise in the art of operational optimization and nurturing sustainable growth across an array of diverse industries, including consumer packaged goods (CPG), specifically in beauty and retail distribution, SaaS, and residential and commercial property development services. Throughout her illustrious career, Jane has been a catalyst for transformative change within numerous organizations, adeptly guiding them through complex challenges and converting them into thriving enterprises.

As the founder of Acentra Group, Jane’s consulting agency offers a comprehensive range of unified capabilities to clients, she stands as a trailblazer, setting new standards with her innovative strategies that consistently translate to increased market share and profitability for her esteemed clientele. Her leadership has been instrumental in orchestrating remarkable turnarounds, rescuing struggling companies from the brink of failure and resurrecting them as flourishing entities.

Jane is an exceptional coach and mentor, having played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectories of countless executive teams, instilling in them the values of leadership excellence, collaborative synergy, and unwavering accountability. Her influence extends beyond conventional boundaries, constantly pushing the limits of traditional approach. Jane’s unwavering commitment to the success of her clients not only fosters innovation but also embraces change as a vital catalyst for sustained business growth.

Now in her role as a TEC Canada Small Business Chair, Jane leverages her extensive experience and expertise to empower and guide small business owners, enabling them to unlock their full potential. Her guidance transcends beyond conventional advice, given her intimate understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent with running a small business. Members of her Peer Advisory Group benefit from her unwavering pursuit of excellence, as Jane creates an environment where growth and success are paramount.

TEC Group Vision

My focus is to collaborate with entrepreneurs who founded/managed humanity positive companies where their success is compounded by their impact in the community. My group consists of a diversified panel of experts and executives who act as your trusted personal advisory group providing support and unbiased advice that fosters both personal and professional growth. Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, but it doesn’t have to be lonely.


  • Jane enjoys travelling and spending time with her husband, Andrew and their 3 puppies.
  • She is an avid animal lover.
  • She loves to cook, entertain, and share her enjoyment of cooking with her loved ones.
  • Is a mentor with The Forum and Scotiabank Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative.
  • Is a Certified Executive Coach.