David Rubin

Thornhill / Toronto and Area

“Our members stay committed and involved primarily because of the ‘care-frontational’ conversations and respectful truth-telling they realize they can’t get anywhere else.”

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David Rubin has made it his mission to be a big-picture generalist. He has been “on the other side of a lot of different desks” as a lawyer, turnaround specialist, executive and business owner. David has worked in industries from real estate development to boat manufacturing and healthcare. His clients value him as a strategist who helps them to anticipate, innovate and influence future outcomes. David has never lost touch with his grounded Maritime roots or quick sense of humour.

Eighteen years ago, David founded Rubin & Associates Inc. to help executives, professionals and their teams improve leadership, team performance and manage change. David’s successful turnarounds included a 107% improvement in manufacturing capacity and 120% sales increase at separate companies. His firm has helped thousands of employees manage through complex corporate change. In addition, David has consulted in Guyana and is very proud of the many people he has been able to positively impact. David currently serves as Chair of the Vaughan Community Health Centre.

As a TEC CEO Chair, David brings an expansive range of talents, from a high-level legal perspective and complex problem-solving skills to the execution of personal and business transformations.

TEC Group Vision

“To create a vibrant, diverse, high-performing group that contributes to its own personal and organizational growth and success through the TEC process.”


  • Lives in Thornhill, ON with his family
  • Law degree from Dalhousie University
  • Enjoys photography and sailing
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