Tarek Sardana

Tarek Sardana

TEC Small Business Chair
Ottawa, ON





Dr. Tarek Sardana is a visionary leader who has experienced the transformative power of TEC membership first-hand. During his time as a TEC member, he gained a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom that has enabled him to cultivate his leadership skills, propel his companies to new levels of success, and make a positive impact on his community.

Driven by his desire to provide equal opportunities for growth and development to fellow leaders in the Ottawa region, Tarek took on the role of TEC Chair. With his captivating and energetic style of leading discussions, he has created a collaborative group atmosphere for executive coaching and mentorship to thrive. He empowers each member of the group to achieve their maximum potential and remains deeply committed to supporting entrepreneurs and senior leaders in Ottawa.

In addition to his role as TEC Chair, Tarek is a highly accomplished and renowned healthcare professional with a proven track record of delivering medical care in even the most challenging of environments. From the Arctic to Haiti, Rwanda, and Syria, to providing front-line care in Canadian emergency rooms, Tarek’s wealth of global experience and appreciation for unity is unmatched.

Tarek holds an MD from the University of Ottawa and a specialization in Aerospace Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and was recognized as a Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association in 2019 for his outstanding contributions to aerospace medicine and environmental health.

Tarek is a multi-faceted individual with a strong healthcare background and a successful entrepreneurial record. He is the founder and CMO of HCP Diagnostics and has played a significant role in various medical ventures. Tarek understands the significance of having a community where leaders can be true to themselves and receive support in every aspect of their lives, including as executives, partners, parents, and friends. Drawing from years of experience as a member of TEC, Tarek is now focused on sharing his wisdom and inspiration with fellow leaders in the Ottawa region.

TEC Group Vision

Entrepreneurs face many challenges, in their businesses and throughout their lives. With the support and feedback of peers in a safe, confidential environment, they can carefully and strategically explore all options for overcoming personal and professional obstacles and making smart long-term decisions for themselves and their companies.


  • President of the Canadian Society of Aerospace Medicine.
  • Mentor to Loran Scholars, introducing them to their new community, providing them with advice and resources and continually challenging them to act with courage, empathy and honesty.
  • A proud veteran, having served in the Royal Canadian Air Force until 2008 including three overseas deployments.
  • Travelled to 6 continents (so far).
  • Passionate about anything and everything aviation.