Stephen Hendry

Bradford, ON



Stephen Hendry is an experienced sales and marketing executive with over 35 years of success in developing and leading teams to achieve their personal and professional best. He values collaboration, inclusivity, diversity, and courage, fostering an environment of trust where everyone can share their ideas and solutions. Stephen’s extensive travels across North America, Europe, and Asia have exposed him to diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives, and he is passionate about expanding his mind, health, and knowledge.

With his entrepreneurial mindset, Stephen has pioneered new business structures, categories, and channels with tier-one global companies. Working with a leader in the appliance world, he played a significant role in increasing the market presence, sales, and profitability of a newly launched brand, using effective marketing and PR strategies to quadruple sales in Canada within 4 years. Similarly, during his time with a global toy company, he increased the brand’s presence across new channels and retailers, resulting in 50% growth in just four years.

Stephen’s talent development, mentorship, motivation, and retention skills are exceptional, and he is dedicated to creating a corporate culture that promotes confidence, empathy, and authenticity. Working with another global leader, within the pool products industry, he worked closely with the service team to enhance their presence in the marketplace, resulting in increased product knowledge and sales by holding service, training, and information seminars across the country, expanding from 4 to 34 annually. What sets Stephen apart is his ability to build collaborative teams that work towards a win-win for both internal and external stakeholders.

As a TEC CEO Chair, Stephen’s leadership experience managing teams and projects, and natural ability to motivate others, enable him to lead his members towards achieving their goals. He has an approachable style, is a great listener, and truly values the input of others, possessing the qualities to excel as a Chair, inspiring confidence in his members and driving their success.

TEC Group Vision

Business leaders today are constantly challenged with change, whether it is in business, people or personally, it is always constant. This is where the TEC peer advisory groups and the one-to-one coaching can make a huge difference in solving both business and personal issues, through Empowering others to live with Authenticity, Passion, and Empathy.


  • Lives in Bradford, Ontario working in the GTA.
  • Married to his wife Jill for over 40 years. They have 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren.
  • He enjoys travelling, the energy of being outside, and spending time in nature, whether alone or with family and friends.
  • Has a passion for being active and fit, bike riding, and playing sports including hockey, golf, and skiing.