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Rizwan Rashid

TEC Small Business Chair
London, ON

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Rizwan Rashid is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of executive leadership experience. His depth of knowledge in the areas of customer service, marketing strategy development, and emerging technologies have built his reputation as a business leader with an unparalleled commitment and a drive for growth.

With an MBA in Finance, a Master’s in Information Systems, and as a certified Entrepreneur Coach (ACC), Rizwan has learned from the top leaders of industries and excels in leading teams to penetrate new markets, launch new products, and acquire new brands in countries around the globe.

His time spent in the financial industry across numerous countries has given him unique experiences to better understand people, perspectives, and processes and how they align with profits. Through coaching and facilitating experiential and action-based learning, he unites every room with open communication, clear expectations, and generous support.

For decades, Rizwan’s mantra of “Escape Mediocrity to Achieve Excellence” has helped organizations and business owners think creatively, act progressively, and grow consciously. Now embracing the role of TEC Chair in Southwestern Ontario, his extensive knowledge and experience is ready to equip members of his TEC Small Business group with the skills to refine their goals, perfect their leadership abilities, and create a roadmap to fulfill their unique visions.

TEC Group Vision

Through collective wisdom, our group cares for and challenges growth-minded business leaders. By sharing our unique perspectives and experiences, we help each other grow professionally and personally. We support and cherish each other while unfolding missions, crafting visions, and having fun. We are the best-kept secret.


  • Married with three children and enjoys travelling with his family
  • Loves volunteering within the community to give back.
  • Host TV Shows focusing on stories of people who are living on the outskirts of human potential.