Chair Profile: Richard (Dick) Peters

June 28th, 2018|Chair Profiles|

Richard (Dick) Peters

TEC Canada CEO Chair
Toronto, ON

“As a CEO who is going to solve problems and make decisions, you need to get comfortable with not being the smartest person in the room and to trust that your team is there to help you. Give them everything they need and they will help you to achieve those results. Similarly, I encourage TEC group members to take advantage of the incredible talent that surrounds them.”

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Richard (Dick) Peters is an innovator and change agent with the proven ability to take any organization in a more competitive and profitable direction.

Experience in a wide variety of senior corporate leadership roles, as well as an entrepreneurial and consulting background, have given this hands-on leader a reputation for team-building, creative risk-taking and a capacity for making the challenging decisions associated with disruptive change.

Dick’s extensive career spans a variety of industries, from finance and social impact investing to software, media, the web, ecommerce and social media. He has been responsible for reinvigorating business units in McGraw-Hill, Rogers and Hollinger.

“A leader should remember that experience is stuff that happened in the past. An important part of the job of the CEO is to be out there, in front of developments, getting to know the lay of the marketplace and how it’s changing. Be open to learning.”

As President and GM of a number of Trader Classified Media subsidiaries, he operated over 75 media related properties, achieving unprecedented results. His entrepreneurial experience includes founding the Alea Group, a successful I.T. marketing firm in 1992 and Leader Logic Ltd. in 2005. Since 2005 Dick has provided consulting, interim leadership and management services.

Dick has been described as a leader who knows how to revolutionize a business unit, not only through introducing new revenue opportunities and streamlining operations, but also by building concensus and trust. These traits dovetail perfectly with his role of TEC Chair.

TEC Group Vision

To invite members who are participatory and have an experience base that other members can draw from, whether they manage large established companies or early stage businesses.


  • Lives in Toronto, ON with his wife
  • Earned an MBA from McMaster University
  • Likes boating, golfing and travelling

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