Marc Bitanga

Vancouver, BC



Marc Bitanga is a firm believer that business leaders have the potential to make a significant and lasting impact. With his mission of helping individuals improve their leadership skills, he challenges and motivates them to extend beyond their grasp. With over 20-years of experience in leadership positions in the technology and marketing sectors, Marc is an accomplished executive who has helped high-growth companies scale, lead transformational change and navigate through volatility.

During his career, Marc has directed key initiatives and high impact teams for notable B2B and B2C companies such as SAP, Electronic Arts, and Ritchie Bros. He has also advised venture capital firms and consulted for startups. With a track record of driving growth, his accomplishments include scaling revenues $50M to $150M within four years for a venture-backed company. He has also guided several mergers and acquisitions, go-to-market strategies in mainland China, and globally distributed teams across Europe, China, Singapore, Japan, Canada, and the United States. He has also driven digital transformation initiatives for Ritchie Bros. and Electronic Arts. As an entrepreneur, Marc founded two businesses that he successfully led and sold.

As a TEC Canada CEO Chair, Marc uses his experience and expertise to help business leaders benefit from their collective experience, mentor executives through difficult leadership challenges, and create companies that attract top-performing talent. His focus on challenging leaders to reach beyond their grasp and strive for continuous improvement has helped numerous leaders become better and more effective in their roles. Through his guidance, many businesses have achieved sustained growth and success.

TEC Group Vision

The members of Marc’s group all share the traits of humility, authenticity, and an insatiable appetite for personal growth. Marc challenges business leaders to become transformational leaders. Group members can expect to experience a culture of support, honest feedback, and unique perspectives.


  • Marc comes from a large entrepreneurial family and knows the behind the scenes work, lifestyle, and personal impact of entrepreneurship and leading businesses.
  • Married for over 20 years, he lives in Vancouver and has two college-aged sons.
  • Outside of coaching clients or leading workshops, Marc recharges and finds balance by spending time on creative projects, hiking the nature trails of Vancouver, and finding new personal growth opportunities.