Lynn Stevens

Lynn Stevens

TEC KEY Executive Chair
Ottawa, ON

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Lynn Stevens is a dynamic leader with decades of experience as a Human Resources professional, which has included the roles of HR Director at Thermo Fisher Scientific – an American provisioner of scientific instrumentation and software – and the Chief Human Resources Officer at Calian Group, where she was responsible for developing and executing human resource strategy in support of the organization’s strategic direction. After her decades in corporate settings, Lynn launched her first entrepreneurial venture – Lynn Stevens Consulting Services – where she offers custom Leadership Development programs and Strategic HR Consulting for organizations at all stages in their lifecycle.

Throughout her vast career, Lynn has become an expert on the tactics that positively influence the career trajectory of top leaders within an organization, and is well-versed in strategies that cultivate strong, resilient, and effective teams.

As a previous TEC member for over 4 years before becoming a Chair, Lynn’s first-hand knowledge surrounding the power of a peer group stems from witnessing – and experiencing – the personal and professional transformation that occurs as a TEC member progresses through the most comprehensive leadership development program in Canada.

As a lifelong learner, Lynn strongly believes that leaders who continually challenge themselves and strive to excel throughout their careers will achieve deep and holistic satisfaction. Her career in HR paired with her 10+ years of experience as a strategic business partner at the executive level – perfectly positions her to lead as a TEC Chair and guide others to overcome challenges and defuse conflicts while scaling the bottom line of their businesses, simultaneously.

TEC Group Vision

TEC group is made up of confidants that only want the best for each other – personally and professionally. In our safe setting, all members can be vulnerable and are encouraged to challenge each other respectfully. Through removing the barriers of isolation, and becoming privy to diverse viewpoints, we will help each other see opportunities that we wouldn’t have seen alone. This will result in each member growing into the best versions of themselves for their companies, their families, and their communities.


  • Born in Toronto and raised in Ottawa, Lynn splits her time between her downtown home and the second house in Westport, Ontario – a small town of only a few hundred people.
  • Lynn has a BA from Carleton University and a Graduate Certificate – Human Resources Management from Algonquin College.
  • Along with her husband, four children, two cats, and a dog, Lynn enjoys a life full of adventure.
  • As a certified Frame of Mind™ Coach – Lynn is specially trained to help leaders change the way they think, cultivating remarkable opportunities.