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Vancouver, BC

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Effective CEOs understand that leadership drives culture and culture drives performance. Ken McGovern supports CEOs and entrepreneurs to address the question of what leadership style and actions are necessary to create a healthy culture that ensures their business prospers. He brings an extensive perspective that places consistent execution at the forefront of every opportunity. “Like elite athletes, effective leaders must embrace rigorous measurement, evaluation and adjustment, in turn fostering a team-based culture centered on results,” says Ken.

With over 25 years in enterprise software markets, Ken’s expertise spans across product management, corporate strategy, business development and marketing and sales functions – including more than a decade at the executive table. He has delivered results through a commitment to ensuring alignment between strategy, execution and deliverables – one that is devoid of emotional attachment to tactics and instead continuously asks, ‘what can we be doing better?’

A respected leader that unites executive colleagues on accountability in a positive, forward-looking manner, Ken has helped multiple companies grow in business-to-business and business-to-government segments globally. He has worked for companies ranging from $5M USD to $500M USD in revenue, and in diverse corporate structures, including publicly traded, VC – and private-equity involvement, and private ownership. Some of Ken’s notable achievements include growing his customer base by 135% within 3 years, a 225% increase in the company’s average order value within 4 years, to name a few.

Ken’s calling as a TEC Chair arises from his commitment to CEOs and business owners in helping them bridge passion and consistency to drive continuous improvement. Leaders who work with Ken are encouraged to open their mind to new perspectives and challenge themselves daily.

TEC Group Vision

Every leader knows that the best answers to the hardest questions are seldom found in the CEO’s office. Ken believes that engagement in regular, active discussions with like-minded executives – each with unique challenges but with shared commitment to accountability – will position members of his group to push through barriers and see new opportunities for success.


  • Holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia and a BA from the University of Arizona.
  • Outside of work, he enjoys grilling, hiking, skiing and traveling.
  • A native of Maine, Ken is passionate about Boston sports.