Judy Adams

TEC Small Business Chair
Vancouver, BC

“ Lead with purpose to approach work & life with heart and your authentic perspective.”

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Judy Adams is a visionary leader who empowers others in culturally and demographically diverse workplaces. In her 30 years of leadership experience, Judy has repeatedly built high-performing teams through clear strategic vision, emphasis on accountability, and the cultivation of honest relationships. She thrives on motivating executives to exceed business goals in customer-centric environments with a balanced focus on people, the planet & profit.

Viewed as a “turn-around” specialist, Judy regularly uplifted underperforming properties throughout her 20+ years in the hospitality sector. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts gave her company-wide performance recognition for “Greatest Year Over Year Profitability Improvement” after she improved a property from the bottom rankings to one of the top 3 portfolio-wide. More recently, Coast Hotels recognized Judy as “Entrepreneur of the Year” for her contributions to the repositioning and turn-around of two key business units in the company’s Canadian portfolio, which led to the desired company acquisition by foreign ownership.

Judy’s most gratifying accomplishment was the development of a certification program for the Hospitality & Tourism Sector in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, industry partners, and Green Tourism UK. As Managing Director of the BC Partnership for Sustainable Tourism Society, a not-for-profit organization, Judy spearheaded the development of a Canadian Certification Program. As VP, Operations & Business Development with Climate Smart Businesses Inc, Judy focused on the ROI proposition for small & medium size companies who were committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while increasing their company’s profit performance. Judy is also proud of her role as President of the largest luxury Spa & Wellness brand in Western Canada, where she oversaw the successful development and execution of the company’s rebranding.

TEC Group Vision

As a TEC Chair, Judy inspires her members by utilizing critical thinking and initiating collaborative discussions. Meetings are designed to be a safe space for business leaders to share, become acutely aware of the “why behind the business” and develop a conscious way to create greater success for themselves, team members, and customers. Through shared experiences, group members will test their creativity and build resiliency, enhancing their ability to handle an ever-changing world, all while making a positive difference in each other’s lives. In one-on-one meetings, Judy will often challenge you to face the more difficult solution to ensure your integrity and personal brand is uncompromising.


  • Lives in North Vancouver with her husband, Daren, and their two grown daughters.
  • Volunteer Board Member & Business Mentor for Project Change Foundation.
  • Her work-life balance includes daily trail walking with her dog, Ruby. Her passions include hiking, yoga, continuous learning, daily reflection, and meditation.
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