Chair Profile: Erik Kikuchi

June 29th, 2018|Chair Profiles|

Erik Kikuchi

TEC Canada Small Business Chair
Kitchener and Waterloo, ON

“The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity”

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To say that Erik Kikuchi has achieved self-made success is an understatement. This serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, coach, speaker and people-oriented leader energizes and inspires those around him to see the art of the possible. Having overcome poverty and homelessness in his youth through sheer self-reliance and resourcefulness, Erik has continued to seek out ever-greater challenges. He began his first venture at age 23 with a design and marketing firm, which he sold seven years later for a large profit.

Erik’s second venture, a provider of localization and translation for the video game and entertainment industries, is in its 12 successful year, while his third, a senior care technology company, was recently sold. In addition to the experiences he has gained from his own entrepreneurial journey, Erik has proven himself to be a self-made professional through independent study of organizational systems and human behaviour.

Erik also runs his own business development consultancy, helping clients to develop and execute business and branding strategies as well as identifying and penetrating new sales channels and markets. As a coach and keynote speaker, Erik draws from his experiences in sharing his understanding of team building, innovation and personal growth, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility.

Erik’s business success has allowed him to focus on his other passion, giving back to society and helping those most in need. His first non-profit venture was a foundation for homeless children in Colombia. By 2009, Erik was onto his third non-profit project – Culmen – teaching “prosperity with integrity.” Completely self-funded, Culmen reached over half a million entrepreneurs and professionals within two years of its inception.

Now this dynamic entrepreneur and philanthropist is turning his determination, energy, creative thinking and strategic skills to the role of TEC Chair.

TEC Group Vision

If Erik’s philosophy “The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity” resonates for you then he welcomes you to his group of TEC Small Business members. Erik’s members have a burning desire to not only innovatively grow their company, but to grow personally. Equally important is holding a high value on serving the community and helping to build the success of the region. Erik’s generous, flexible leadership style is based on his belief that there are many different ways to meet core needs. On a personal level, he will address members’ fears not only around failure but success, both of which hold back many leaders. Erik has experienced the challenges of entrepreneurship, including work-life balance and will encourage members to stay connected to what matters.


  • Erik is married to Johana Aldana
  • They have a six-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, with whom Erik is sharing his passion for cooking international cuisine
  • He enjoys any activity that involves family and close friends, particularly travel, scuba diving, boating and golf

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