Dupuis Angers

Montreal, QC



Dupuis Angers has 45 years experience as a leader in business management and entrepreneurial coaching, helping his diverse clientele including entrepreneurs, operators, scientists, and NGOs.

Throughout his various roles, Dupuis has honed his skills in analyzing, coaching, and supporting executives in various industries. He is an exceptional communicator and strives himself on being able to communicate a clear vision. What truly sets him apart is his strong belief in the power of the “human factor” in business. He is convinced that success hinges on empowering people and fostering a sense of entitlement within the workplace. This people-centric approach, combined with his exceptional communication skills and ability to convey a clear vision, has allowed Dupuis to work wonders for his clients.

One of Dupuis’ most notable accomplishments was his involvement in a strategic acquisition in the pharmaceutical market. This venture doubled the size and profitability of his client’s business, showcasing Dupuis’ ability to navigate complex business environments with ease. Dupuis was also the main driver in securing national distribution for a client in the supplement industry, implementing this at a very low cost. Dupuis was instrumental in overhauling a human resources NGO in the life sciences sector to redefine its purpose, revamp their image, and ultimately reposition itself as a leader in its field.

Dupuis’s remarkable resilience can be traced back to his time working in his family’s business, where he successfully implemented effective business practices in the unique fields of pharmaceuticals and nutriotionnals. This experience laid the foundation for his ability to adapt to various types of managers and professionals, making him an invaluable asset to any business in need of guidance.

With his rich career background in analysis, coaching, and mentoring executives, as a TEC Canada Chair Dupuis helps members of his group to transform their operations, improve their performance, and better understand their own potential. With his distinctive blend of expertise, people-centric approach, and adaptability, Dupuis is able to analyze his members general management and provide coaching in an entrepreneurial context.

TEC Group Vision

Our TEC Group envisions a vibrant community where meaningful encounters, mutual support, and the exchange of ideas are at the core. We strive to cultivate a model that invites individuals to step back, immerse themselves in a nurturing environment, and actively participate in engaging discussions that fuel innovation and drive growth. Together, we are dedicated to fostering an atmosphere where ideas take flight, collaborations flourish, and our members unlock their boundless potential.


  • Dupuis enjoys spending quality time with family members.
  • Engaging in various sporting activities.
  • Immersing himself in reading and cultural shows.