Delores Wurtz

TEC Small Business Chair
Blue Mountain, ON

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The words “pioneer” and “disrupter” accurately depict Delores Wurtz. As a programmer in the 1980s, with hardly any females in the tech industry, she was determined to make a difference in every interaction. Ingrained in her since childhood, she’s accomplished anything she set her mind to.

As VP of Business Integration and Technology for Enbridge, she brought electricity smart metering technology to acceptance as a government mandate while co-founding a new start-up that disrupted the electricity sector.

Delores’s broad business expertise positions her to view problems from several angles. As a technology expert reporting to the C-level, she had access to every level and segment of her customers’ organizations, from sales and finance to operations and distribution. She developed a deep understanding of theoretical and practical business practices; often called upon to recover troubling and complex change initiatives.

She has a passion for getting to a deeper understanding of companies, people, and relationships. Delores is particularly interested in helping people develop their emotional IQ and believes that leaders who understand the power of storytelling and have high emotional development become amazing CEOs. And that’s what makes companies great.

TEC Group Vision

I am excited to stimulate the health and growth of small to mid-size businesses and business owners in the Georgian Triangle My group exists to develop high-integrity leaders who make great decisions that benefit their companies, families and that brings legacy and impact to their communities.


  • Delores is a Chartered Professional Accountant and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh Business School and the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation
  • Host of moMondays monthly; a story-telling event featuring personal accounts from all areas of life
  • Leader within Road to Hope, a program for adult survivors of childhood abuse
  • Likes to hike, golf and sail in her home in Blue Mountains, Ontario

TEC Canada is a member-based peer advisory organization of over 1,500 chief executives, entrepreneurs and business owners from across Canada. For over 35 years, TEC has been helping leaders achieve success through the power of confidential group meetings, one-to-one executive coaching, business thought leadership and a global network of over 23,000 business leaders.

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