Ian Charlton

Ian Charlton

Greater Toronto Area, ON

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With an executive career that has spanned over 25 years, Ian Charlton exemplifies clarity of purpose, a history of achievement, commitment to innovation, and passion for people. As a leader who has always placed emphasis on the power of trust and cultivating strong relationships, Ian has never failed to move his teams forward while remaining a celebrated executive and mentor.

As part of the original leadership teams that were responsible for the NBA, NASCAR, and the Canadian Premier League’s emergence in the Canadian marketplace, Ian’s love of sports found him at the centre of its business development and innovation. A skillful communicator with a talent for generating new business opportunities, Ian has negotiated ground-breaking partnerships that have amplified awareness and customer engagement for every product, brand, and sporting platform that he’s ever worked with.

At his core, Ian values making the most of life, connecting to a purpose, and attaining personal and professional excellence. He is undeterred by negativity and misdirection – always forging a successful path that embraces inclusion, diversity, and high performance through any circumstance.

Ian’s determination to be a charismatic friend, confidential coach, and peer for CEOs, presidents, owners, and business leaders couldn’t be better suited for the role of TEC Chair. As a results-driven senior leader who has covered the globe through the unifying power of sport, Ian is now eager to share his wealth of insights and resources with today’s leaders. As a result, members of his CEO peer advisory group can expect to yield remarkable transformations – both in themselves and within their organizations.

TEC Group Vision

We have the vision to better ourselves, our families, communities, and businesses. Inspiring each other through truth and humour, we understand that our results move at the speed of trust with one another. Committed to personal and professional ROI, a meeting with this group is never missed – or forgotten.


  • Ian is married and has four children.
  • A passionate volunteer and advocate for Autism Speaks Canada, childhood education, geriatric care, and animal therapy.
  • A world traveler, lover of the outdoors, natural beauty, and connection to people and places.
  • Global EMBA candidate for Quantic School of Business and Technology Class of March 2023.
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